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Microsoft Project Service Automation and Quotes

If you've ever heard me speak with regards to #CRM and processes, you've no doubt heard my mantra about CRM (any CRM) being an excellent way to digitize existing processes. Meaning that if you find yourself in a process vacuum, don't expect any system to bail you out of that mess. Too often, I hear about organizations looking to some kind of system, whether it's an #ERP, CRM, or even an accounting software, to be the 'silver bullet' to solve all of their woes.

When a company is lacking processes, but is mid-implementation, I will sometimes steer them to the out-of-the-box process flows as a sort of "Best Practices". To that end, I've been working through some of the processes in #PSA and trying to define something easy to digest for n00bs like me. In the interim, feel free to stumble along with me.

Accessing Opportunities from either D365 for Sales (Top) or PSA (Bottom) will show the same list.

Just like in Dynamics 365 for Sales, there are a couple of ways to get to Quotes. I think it really depends on your process (see above) to determine which way works best for your organization, but I like to begin with the Opportunity.


One thing I found immediately: When creating a quote from the Opportunity record, you may notice that you can't add Project items to the quote from the default form. If you run into this, it is probably because the form is defaulting to a msdyn_ordertype of "Item Based" rather than "Work Based". The Field which feeds that value, "Type" is on the form, but comes standard as Not Visible by Default. To change that, edit the form by clicking on the ellipses (...) and selecting Form Editor.

Once the form editor is up, pull of the properties for the Type field and select "Visible by Default". While you're there, add the Contracting Unit field as msdyn_contractorganizationalunitid defaults to Null and is required on Work Based Quotes.

Be sure to Save and Publish your changes so you can switch the quote type on the fly from this form. However, once I select "Work Based" and add the Contracting Unit, when I try to save, I get an error:

The latest roadblock in creating quotes from Opportunities.

If you have any ideas where to go from here, please let me know.


I'm still working my way through it, but it looks like if you create a quote directly from the Quotes area, you have immediate access to Work Based lines without making any changes.

More on that later...

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