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Dynamics 365, Hootsuite, and MFA

Setting aside the OCR/Machine learning bit to cover my latest hurdle:

Recently, a client was spinning up Hootsuite Enterprise to help manage their many social media profiles. They currently don't have any processes or governance rules in place to manage the content, and my role was to help develop the "machine" while they figured out the rules.

Naturally, my go-to was Dynamics since their sitting on an instance, and everything they had sketched out so far would fit nicely as an Issue/Ticket with a Business Process Flow to manage the routing. Eventually, a PowerApp with Flow will be the way to go...but they're not ready for that yet.


Here is a quick video explaining the Hootsuite / Dynamics 365 connector:

As you can see, there is huge potential to integrate even more users into D365 by bringing more content in through Marketing. The connector has a few requirements:

  • It only works with cloud versions of Dynamics 365, nothing on-premises.

  • There is a Solution file to install, but I can't find it posted anywhere. I finally got their Tech Support folks to send it to me.

  • You'll need to install the connector from the Hootsuite App Directory.

If your organization has turned on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Factor Authentication (TFA), then you'll most likely get an authentication error like the one below when you first try to assign a post from Hootsuite.

From the beginning, I felt the MFA was the culprit, but I followed the instructions from Hootsuite's team to be sure I wasn't overlooking something else. Ultimately, we landed at temporarily turning off MFA, which is inconvenient at best.

Instead, I went into my Office 365 account to create an App Password, which essentially "whitelists"an application and saves it from the MFA process.


To do this, the user will need to follow the following steps:

  1. From the user's Office 365 portal, have them click on their picture in the top right, and select "My Account".

  2. On the left rail, select "Security & Privacy", and then "Create and manage app passwords" (should be near the bottom of the list.

  3. Click "App Passwords" at the top of that page, and then the "Create" button about 1/2 way down.

  4. Name it whatever you want, it doesn't matter..."D365" is good, and click "Next".

  5. It will generate a password, copy that to the clipboard.

Next, from the Hootsuite dashboard:

  1. Connect to D365 by sending a post to Dynamics 365

  2. On the login page, enter the tenant URL, user login, but NOT their usual D365 password, they MUST use the password that was created in the previous step.

All should be well from there.

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